Model Session
This is information on how the session(s) are acheived:

The model is not compensated by the hour, but by the session.

Each session consists of 12  15-minute video/photo scene,with the model posing in a different outfit for each scene. This means, each session can take between 5 to 6 hours depending on the model.

I have an extensive selection of lingerie and outfits, bring a pair or two high heel shoes since it is difficult to have every size for each model.

Model must be 18 or older.​

​Model must bring a valid photo ID.

Model must sign a Model Consent and Release.


I would encourage, expect and welcome you to bring someone with you. It will make both of us feel more comfortable. However, a Chaperone must keep in mind that their sole role is to serve the purpose of ensuring the safety of the model. They are not the model's coach. Chaperones CAN NOT be in the studio and ARE NOT welcome on the set, it creates distraction to the model, poor quality video and photo work.
Boyfriends, husbands and/or fathers are NOT welcome on photo shoots as they all too often become jealous and/or possessive and frequently will attempt to disrupt or take control of the shoot.

Models are responsible for the behavior of their escorts. If I determine that the quality of a shoot is being compromised by the interference of an escort, I WILL TERMINATE THE SHOOT AND THE MODEL WILL NOT BE PAID.

There are 3 different types of sessions, and are compensated accordingly:

Casting Call for:

1 - Nude

2 - Implied Nude

3 - Sheer Lingerie

Model must be on time.